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Ahead of the Employer Brand Management conference 2015 from Transform Magazine, on 9 December 2015 in London we got the heads up on what you can expect from the event from Brittany Golob at Communicate Magazine.

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Over to Brittany:

Stephen Robertson, CEO of the Big Issue Foundation, represents an organisation with a unique employer brand. It is a true social enterprise that seeks to help homeless people develop their own micro businesses. In selling the Big Issue, though, they also become brand ambassadors. For the foundation, its vendors are its lifeblood, but they also have to fulfil that mission – every vendor runs his or her own business.

The model of employees as brand ambassadors and investors is now being shared by the Big Issue Foundation to train volunteers from private companies, like HSBC which sends its employees to the Big Issue for corporate engagement purposes. Robertson’s story is unusual, but the Big Issue approach to employer brand management is not. Big Issue vendors are a key part of the foundation’s strategy. At the Employer Brand Management Conference on 9 December in London, Robertson will share his story.

He’ll be joined by founder and chairman of Cobra Beer, Lord Karan Bilimoria as well as internal communications professionals, brand managers and communicators from global and regional brands. The conference will discuss the issues related to the development of a successful employer brand management strategy and will feature case studies of successes in attraction, engagement and retention of employees.Employer Brand Management_logo

Nimai Swaroop, attraction and marketing director for Capita plc, which runs recruitment for the British Army, will discuss the Army’s unique recruitment strategy and how it has changed since the reorganisation of the Army’s reserve units. Niall Cluley, global HR director for Fitness First, will talk metrics and measurement as he shares the ROI on the gym’s rebrand and internal engagement process that has taken place over the past two years. Also speaking is Natalie Deacon, head of communications at Avon UK, who will address how Avon engages a diverse and remote workforce. The event will also examine diversity and inclusion and the development of a multinational employer brand.

Swaroop said of last year’s conference, “There are a lot of good practices and some pitfalls people can avoid, but importantly it [allows attendees] to take some really interesting case studies back to their organisations and actually use that as part of their day-to-day operations.”

The Big Issue Foundation may have a unique approach to employer brand, but so should every company. What the foundation does is ensure that employer brand is integrated into its strategy and objectives. Internal communicators, brand professionals and HR directors should work together to set out a strategy for achieving that same kind of success.


Thanks to Brittany for sharing what to expect at this event, it’s set to be a brilliant opportunity to hear about some great examples of employer brands in action.

The second annual Employer Brand Management Conference will take place on 9 December at Etc. Venues near St Paul’s Cathedral. To book, visit, www.transformmagazine.net/conferences


Image credit: Logos supplied by Communicate magazine. Featured image by Ryan McGuire, provided free from www.gratisography.com

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