Employee Engagement WTF?

Inspired by the debate on 15th March. It made me wonder what the consensus is on what employee engagement is all about.
Please let me know through this simple poll.

[polldaddy poll=4797999]


  1. Caroline Taylor-Martin says:

    I always tell our cynical managers in in the business that employee engagement is about discretionary effort – that little bit extra that employees give to a line manager that they get on with.

  2. It’s not about the extra mile, tick boxing, raising a smile or any other management/HR/company agenda, engagement is about knowing your people. That’s it.

    • That’s it, the poll is cancelled. We have found someone who finally knows the answer. : )
      Ever thought of writing a book David? OK it might be a bit short, but someone might buy it!

  3. I hope ‘box-ticking’ is not the top answer for this poll. I’d find that slightly depressing.

  4. It’s a close one Tom.

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