What the duck? A session in creativity…

On Thursday evening 20 IC pros gathered in Soho to learn how to unleash their creativity and channel it into their internal communications.

Led by Alan Oram from Alive with Ideas, the group spent two hours sharing experiences and frustrations, understanding blockers to creativity and how to overcome them, and participating in activities designed to get the creative juices flowing.

At times the session felt like therapy, as people analysed why creativity was important, what value it added, and how they do or don’t incorporate it into their everyday lives. Heads nodded in agreement around the overuse of the word ‘busy’ and what we really meant when we said it, the impact distractions and procrastinations can have on our productivity, and of course the power of the duck (yep you read it right, the power of the duck).

If you’re interested in finding out more, including what ducks have to do with creativity, you can join Alan on our creativity webinar on 19 May. It’s one not to miss, and if you don’t believe us here are a few reflections from some of the Ask the Guru attendees:


“An intriguing event with fun activities and great tips on how to release your creativity. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed being creative and, as a result of attending this session, I’m determined to make it a priority in my life.”

Annique Simpson, Communications Assistant, Moorfields Eye Hospital


“Alan’s activities challenged perceptions and helped me analyse how I can use creativity daily. I found the discussions inspiring and left feeling energised and full of ideas. Thank you CIPR Inside for hosting this Ask the Guru event, I will look out for future ones as this was well worth attending.”

Rachel Miller, Director, All Things IC


“This was my first Ask the Guru event, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. It felt like a ‘safe’ place to explore creativity with other comms professionals both in terms of sanity checking my ideas and, more importantly, hearing their different perspectives. I wanted to go home and be creative straight away.  I think when I’m at work next week and we’re setting out a comms plan, I’d like to try the ideas we practiced to get the creative juices flowing, like picking out two random words to incorporate or, my favourite, sharing the message in a story.”

Emily Wilson, Corporate Communications Executive, Norton Rose Fulbright


“Starting with a bit of a therapy session, brainstorming on our tables the blockers and distractions, was actually a fantastic release. It was great to talk about our common challenges, including personal blockers, and to consider how to overcome these to focus more on being creative and having an impact in our work. I personally found it really useful to consider how much we all say how busy we are and to find ways to manage this and unlock moments to have more time to think.”

Jane Revell, Strategic Communications Consultant


Finally, a big thank you to Alan and Alive with Ideas for running the session, and to PPL for kindly letting us use their fantastic venue.

Click here to book onto the webinar on 19 May.


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