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This is the first in a series of short posts about the different workshops and speakers we’ve lined up for our 12th Annual Internal Communication Conference on 25 September. These posts will give you just a little taste of what you can expect on the day. There are 11 workshops to chose from over the morning and afternoon. You can see the full programme for the day here. If you haven’t yet booked your conference place there are a few available here.

Why are we here?

The Edge Picture Company is one of our conference sponsors and Pete Stevenson will be presenting a workshop with Michelle Leavey  from Sport Wales, looking at what Pete believes is “one of the most original and surprising films we’ve produced in a long time!”

Sport Wales needed a film to engage and motivate their internal audience first and then reach out to different stakeholders.  This workshop will look at how much having a clearly defined purpose matters for an organisation and Michelle will talk about this in the context of Sport Wales.

Pete will explore how film can really bring a purpose to life and how something that inspires people internally can also have credibility and impact externally.

Together they will try and get under the skin of the briefing and creative process, go behind the scenes for the making of… and share some of the challenges they faced along the way – like how do you play sport lying down?

Last but not least, the workshop aims to start a discussion about what makes a successful client-agency relationship.  And it hopes to work as a reminder that these projects ought to be fun as well!


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