CIPR Inside committee profile – Marsha van Moorsel


Marsha van Moorsel

Every so often we talk to our committee members to find out a bit more about them and their backgrounds. This week we hear from Marsha van Moorsel, Internal Communications Consultant at AXA UK.

How long have you been working in the world of comms? And specifically in internal comms?

I’ve been working specifically in Internal Comms for about 4 years now

What was your route into working in communications / internal communications?

I’ve taken a bit of an abstract route to internal comms. In Canada I was a Youth Worker, which is more in the social work industry, and I worked with troubled youth under 24.  When I moved to the UK I decided I wanted a career change but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I did PA work for a few years.  It was while I was working at RIBA that I started hearing about Internal Comms and the fact that it was lacking in the business.  I started to do some research to find out more and got involved with some small projects during a change in the business.  When a new Comms director was appointed she saw the need for internal communications and created a role which I applied for.  The rest is history.

What made you join the committee?

When I was starting out in the field I was pioneering the Internal Comms function in business on my own so I wanted to meet other people in the industry to benchmark what I was doing and to learn from others.

Why have you chosen the events or area of interest which you have chosen to support?

In my time on the committee I have supported a number of areas. In the first year I organised a number of Ask the Guru events, which I enjoyed as it was good to see people coming together and sharing knowledge in an informal setting. I’ve also acted as treasurer as I knew it was an area I could develop in. It was a good one-off experience. This year I am supporting events in general and working with one of our sponsors, who of course help to make all of our events possible.

What do you love about internal comms?

I love the fact that internal comms has an impact on the business, whether it is good or bad it can make a profound difference.  I just hope that what I do makes a difference for the good…

What has made you most proud during your comms career?

I like seeing projects with a beginning and an end so I really enjoyed working on the Tullow World Magazine at Tullow Oil and it’s complementing App which won a CIPR Inside Award in 2015. It was a great opportunity to speak to people around the business and to learn more about the industry as well as rewarding to see the finished product. I’m also proud of some of the staff events I organised at RIBA when I tried to tie in our purpose, learning and engagement and then see it be a success.

What do you like to do to escape it all?

I like to read, travel or catch up with family and friends


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