Coca Cola Enterprises – case study

We’ve just added the Coca Cola Enterprises iConnect intranet case study to our library. We hope you find it useful.


iConnect is a multilingual intranet, which focusses on communication, collaboration and action for the 13,000 employees across the business.

It’s the result of 1,500 hours of research with employees to find out what they needed, and then migrating six different sites into one SharePoint platform.

Coca Cola Enterprises won best intranet in the #insidestory awards 2013. It was it’s clear objectives and strategy, with excellent outcomes that helped it score well with judges. iConnect is accessible, collaborative, and innovative, working and looking much like the internet that employees are used to using as part of every day life.

Read the full case study here.

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  1. Hello. Is this case study still available online?

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