Closing the gap

We’ve just launched our one day, annual Internal Communication Conference, Closing the gap, today (Monday 18 July 2016).

It’s on Tuesday 4 October, 2016, in London. We open at 8.30am for a networking breakfast, kick off the conference at 10am and close at 5pm, with drinks in the bar afterwards if you want to continue the conversations.


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The CIPR Inside committee has been working on the theme which reflects something that we all face in our day jobs.

Internal communicators have the skills and knowledge to not only spot and understand where gaps in organisations lie, but to also help their organisations to bridge these gaps. For example, there is a significant gap (25 points) between people and organisations believing that employee engagement is important (58%) and actually doing it (33%), according to the Edelman Trust Barometer 2016. Communication is a key driver for employee engagement.

The CIPR Inside committee took this idea of uncovering the ‘gaps in organisations’, understanding more about them, and how we can bridge the gap to develop this year’s agenda. The CIPR Inside committee is bringing together some brilliant practical examples of where businesses of all shapes and sizes are ‘closing the gaps’.

At the conference, you’ll hear from organisations and individuals who are taking a bold approach. We’ll share stories and listen to those who are taking actions to direct strategy in a positive way to close the gaps in their organisations. Attendees will take part in workshop sessions and take away practical ideas and actions they can use in their work.


Today, we announce speakers from the following organisations:

  • AXA: connecting people and truly valuing their input with powerful events that engage and inspire
  • Fieldwork with Abel & Cole: Fieldwork has helped Abel & Cole truly understand its employees at a deeply human level with a fresh approach to employee research
  • Nationwide: bringing award-winning employees together, connecting them with each other, no matter where they work or how big or small their team
  • PR Academy: Kevin Ruck will share insights from his latest ESN research on the bridging the divide between collaboration and communication in ESNs
  • Social for the people, Helen Reynolds will discuss the gaps both closed and created by Social media.

Keep a watch on social channels and the website for announcements for further speakers.


Steven Murgatroyd

Steven Murgatroyd, chairing last year’s CIPR Inside conference

Steven Murgatroyd, CIPR Inside Chair said: “We are working with award-winning professionals and others delivering outstanding work to bring our members and the IC community a great day packed full of practical case studies, advice and tips to take back to the office and help us all to be better at recognising and bridging the gaps in our organisations.

“Closing the gap is something we are continually trying to achieve as internal communicators, between employees and the business, internal and external communication, between departments and in our own internal business partnerships to name a few.

“Communication does not happen in a vacuum. Leaders can no longer expect their internal communication to stay inside the business, or external activities not to affect employee engagement. What we say and do must be aligned for both our colleagues and customers to trust our businesses.

“Many organisations are struggling to adapt and shift behaviours to this new mind-set. While they may know they should do it, turning desire into action is where it often falters. Internal communication and employee engagement professionals are perfectly placed to help connect people inside organisations and bridge the gaps between internal and external communication, corporate and human needs and what we say and what we do as organisations.”

What you will take away from the day:

  1. Top tips, ideas and inspiration that they can put into action with their teams to help close the gaps in their organisations
  2. Practical examples of what other organisations are doing to close the gaps in their businesses and perform better
  3. Time away from the office to think and develop their own ideas
  4. Meet new people, get fresh perspectives, connect, share ideas and learn something new

Full details of speakers will be available through and shared through CIPR Inside’s social media channels as they are announced.


Where is it?

8 Northumberland Avenue, London, WC2N 5BY

We’re holding the conference at the same venue as last year’s as it proved to be so popular. They provided a super space, great food (breakfast muffins were a must), and looked after us all very well.

The venue is billed as London’s most central venue, so it is easy to attend, no matter what end of the country attendees are arriving from. With a networking breakfast at 8.30am everyone is invited to come early join in and get warmed up for the day. For those travelling from further afield, the 10am conference start should ensure that internal communication professionals don’t miss out no matter where they are travelling from.

How do I buy my ticket?


Book your tickets at the early bird price today and save up to £100 off the standard ticket price.

There are also group discounts available. Four tickets for the price of three, and if you want you could give your freebie ticket to a colleague working in charity.

Email to arrange this and to get your code.

General discounts are available for freelancer, public sector and charity practitioners.

The early bird ticket prices run until midnight on Sunday 18 September. Thereafter tickets will be available at the standard price.



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