CIPR President 2014 is elected. What will it mean for internal comms?

Stephen Waddington has been announced as the CIPR President 2014. So what happens now? Stephen will be working closely with Sue Wolstenholm the current president on the current priorities for 2013. Thereafter, he has a clear plan in his ten pledges, which formed the back bone of his campaign.

Rachel Miller interviewed Stephen and Jon White, his election opponent, during the campaign to get their views on internal communication.

So now that Stephen has won the election, what will this mean for us as internal communication professionals and the sectoral group ofStephen Waddington the CIPR?

In summary, Stephen sees then line between internal communication and external communication blurring. In fact, in his book Brand Anarchy he argued that the line doesn’t exist anymore and that internal audiences are the most powerful voice of advocacy on behalf of any organisation in protecting and promoting its reputation. This strategic view is one we share at CIPR Inside. Do you agree? Is this what’s happening in your organisation now?

In terms of helping CIPR to grow and develop as a member organisation he also suggested there could be an opportunity for CIPR Inside to investigate ways that the CIPR could improve member engagement. Drawing upon our expertise in engagement and collaboration to help move the organisation to become truly social. This would be a great opportunity for us to show the CIPR and wider industry what internal communication can do.

Stephen’s proposed a monthly twitter chat on industry and member issues. We’ll look forward to joining in, learning, sharing and helping to shape the CIPR.

As a specialist group of the CIPR, Stephen calls upon us to promote ourselves more within the CIPR and the broader public relations industry, to make our voice heard and assert our knowledge and expertise. What’s more as President he’s in a position to help, and has already helped to build the profile of internal communication seeking contributions for Share This, and Share This Too from the internal communication profession. He has also offered support by ensuring we have continued representation on Council from the group’s Chair (the CIPR‘s governing body) and externally via social and traditional media. In recent years we’ve also had additional representation on the Council from Sean Trainor and Liam Fitzpatrick, who have added the voice of internal communications and employee engagement specialists to discussions at the centre of the CIPR.

CIPR Inside is a strong group, and it’s great to have Stephen’s support for internal communication and the group. It’s time for us to take advantage of the opportunities being presented, make our voice heard more within the CIPR and the wider public relations industry.

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