What does CIPR membership mean to me?

Trudy Lewis


CIPR Inside committee member, Trudy Lewis, shares why she became a member of CIPR and why you should consider joining if you haven’t done so already.

I love being part of a group, a collective; like-minded people who understand what I’m talking about. Being involved with CIPR provides all that and more. I joined CIPR as a student, took a break and felt it important to sign up again once I started to work in the industry.

When I studied PR I had little knowledge about the industry so as a student I felt it was important to learn from the main industry body. What I found was an organisation passionate about making people understand what PR really meant. At the time there was a sense that the industry wasn’t being taken seriously, what with ‘ab fab’ and the general perception people had of PR professionals. As a result a lot of the discussion was aimed at promoting the professionalism of the industry, the strategic elements of PR and the value added by getting it right. The work done at that time encouraged me greatly and I was hooked wanting to learn and grow in an industry that I believe can really make a difference.

Membership means a lot, especially now that I’m an independent practitioner. I used to work in-house and there, one could easily get a bit stuck in the work with little or no awareness of what was happening across the industry. I think of it now as an essential part of my business and career. It has put me in touch with some great people and now that I serve on CIPR inside’s committee I am able to influence and impact internal communications, promoting best practice and encouraging others in their career.

There are benefits connected to membership, but here are five that I’ve experienced that are also great reasons for anyone working in communications to join:

  • Improved knowledge – there is a lot of information available through CIPR from text books to thought pieces, skills guides and of course ‘Influence’ – I regularly tap into this as I develop and prepare to support organisations
  • Industry insight – it’s great to know the trends, especially in the times we live in. It can shape our work and provides the kind of data we need to validate what we do and the advice we give
  • Good advice – through mentoring and training, but mainly by having access to other members all with different experiences of delivering effective communications
  • Networking and events – through activities planned by CIPR and the specific internal communication activities we plan as a committee
  • Understanding and support – we all face challenges in our roles within communications, it is so good to know I am connected to a group of people who for the most part are dealing with similar issues.

As you can tell, I’m a bit enthusiastic about membership with CIPR – I’m really just very excited about communications, the work I do and the impact it has. Membership simply helps me towards being more professional and doing it better.

CIPR are waiving their joining fee for the month of March which means you have until this Friday (31 March) to save £55 – find out more here: https://www.cipr.co.uk/content/join 

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