CIPR Inside Committee profile – Nicola Johnson

We like to find out a bit more about the people who give some of their free time to be an active member of the CIPR Inside committee. All of them work in internal communication, so it’s interesting to hear their views, what they love (and sometimes hate) about internal communications. So once everyone’s settled in we run some interview and Q&A pieces with them.

Our next committe member profile is from Nicola Johnson, who works at NFU Mutual, and is an Internal Communications Channel Specialist. Nicola is our committee secretary so she makes sure that everyone knows where they are supposed to be for meetings etc, and helps to keep us all organised.Nicola Johnson


How long have you been working in the world of comms? And specifically in internal comms?

I joined NFU Mutual’s PR team in 2008 and moved into the Internal Comms Team in 2010.

What was your route into working in communications / internal communications?

I was working in NFU Mutual’s marketing department, supporting local initiatives when the opportunity to be seconded to the Press Team came up.  After that I joined the Internal Communications team where I’ve been ever since.

What made you join the committee?

I think that the committee is a great opportunity to work with and learn from some really talented communicators and see what sort of things are happening elsewhere.

What do you love about internal comms?

I love getting into the detail of something and then distilling it and making it easy to understand (I think I’m just a bit nosey!  I like to know everything). I work in the financial services industry which means that it’s easy to get bogged down in complicated regulations and it can be a challenge trying to make some of those messages accessible and interesting but it can be fun, and rewarding when you get it right.

What has made you most proud during your comms career?

Completing my CIPR Internal Communications Diploma at the beginning of this year – I was awarded a merit.   In my day to day work it is easy to keep replicating tried and tested campaigns.  Studying for the diploma was a great opportunity to step back and think about internal communications from a theoretical point of view and consider different ways of doing things.

What is your biggest bug bear in internal communication?

Getting stakeholders to make decisions based on audience preferences and think strategically about their communications when they are focused on getting very specific tactical messages out quickly can be difficult.  As a team we work together to help produce the evidence we need to guide people to put their audience first but it has taken time and effort to build the trust we need to do that.

What do you like to do to escape it all?

I go to a bootcamp class every night after work.  It is the perfect antidote to sitting at my desk all day.  I’m also a big fan of cake and have baked a couple of wedding cakes for family members.



Thanks to Nicola for sharing her story with us, we’re all hoping she’ll bring cakes to the next committee meeting…

Image credit: Profile image- Nicola’s own. Featured image – CCO


Does your internal communication make an impact?

CIPR Inside’s next annual internal communication conference is on 13 October, and the day is full of award-winning communicators who will share with us what they have done in their organisations to make a real difference with their internal communication. Find out more here


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