The Benefits of CPD by Alison Glaves

Alison Glaves, Managing Director at MediaMaker (one of our partners this year) has shared her thoughts on why CPD is so important:

It’s another acronym in the ever-increasing world of acronyms.  Except that this time, it might be worth taking a closer look into what hides behind the three simple letters CPD.

No, it’s not an updated version of RSI or some little-known disease, it is actually the “new professionalism” – Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  This simple acronym could change your life.  Designed to raise personal and professional standards it will improve career development & reward for you and provide increased business potential for your employer – a win, win.

So how should you approach it.  Make it a key part of your career path.  It is the essential ‘red thread’ that will carry you through your life’s work.  Life is short and so making the most of it is the best you can do.  Don’t miss an opportunity. Make the right choices.  CPD gives you choices, it provides opportunities that can open up new choices.  There are people who think that because you can ‘top up’ your CPD units at events or in training sessions, that you just collect points and you’re ready for promotion and reward – wrong – don’t look for ‘quick wins’ or short cuts. Benefit from the true potential that CPD creates.  Consider it an invigorating career refresh every time you have a CPD opportunity. Become CPD savvy. When going for an interview, challenge the employer – are they a progressive company that actively encourages career development and therefore provides CPD opportunities?  Like-wise, expect to be asked about your own ambition and how you will manage your way to progression.

With a greater awareness of the benefits of CPD, the world of opportunities will unfold.

Not only will your professional capability and standards improve, but the confidence and stability it provides, prepares you for the challenges of change that inevitably appear when least expected.  As an employer, CPD is hugely valuable in demonstrating staff loyalty and progression.  It enables us to build an improving picture going forward, staying ahead of the game and the competition which means a morale boosting team with a ‘future ready’ attitude! In summary, CPD is where it’s at when it comes to maximising potential for us all, so get CPD savvy and be ‘future ready’.

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