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I was back on one of my old stomping grounds earlier this week for one of our CIPR Inside events. I did some consultancy work for Shell a couple of years ago. So it was strange walking back into the art deco / nouveau (I always get confused about the difference) monolith that is Shell Centre.

The event itself was a great example of what our group can offer our members and indeed the IC profession. The event was loosely aimed at understanding the impact of the emerging digital landscape on how IC practitioners should manage their career.

Our first speaker was Dean Russell of precedent (he also happens to be the recently elected district councillor for Harpenden!). Dean spoke knowledgably and passionately about social media and the challenges and opportunities it presents. My main takeout from it was that we all need to invest more time considering which of the tools (linkedin or facebook; twitter or yammer, etc) are most appropriate for my personal brand.

The second speaker was David Broome of VMA. I was delighted David agreed to participate in the event and even more pleased that he has accepted the invitation to join our advisory group (more to follow on that next week).

David gave the recruiter’s perspective on the use of social media. He perhaps a more conservative view of the way social media should be used than Dean. Indeed one audience member suggested that David’s views were quite Anglo-Saxon!

Personally I have some sympathy with David’s view about the blurring of personal and working lives. Not everyone wants (or indeed needs) to know what you’re doing this weekend!

So all in all a really great event which was extremely well attended. My colleague Kaego did a great job in pulling it together. She will be circulating some follow up details to those attended the event in due course.

If you are a CIPR member and would like to know more about this event or know more about the Inside group. Please  do drop me a note at

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  1. If social media is all about gathering around a shared interest or area of expertise, for me, it’s all about having a good editor – whether that’s a set of principles/ethics, rules or just plain common sense.

    Just like a good DJ that sorts out the good stuff from the noise, choosing what you broadcast about yourself and your organisation needs to enhance what’s already there – not diminish it.

    And, as David implied, showing off is just anti-social….

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