The #insidestory awards are open and back for 2017.


This is the fifth year of  the #insidestory awards from CIPR Inside. We created them to reward and recognise the strategic work being delivered by internal communication teams across the country and beyond.


Each year we review the awards, the categories and the criteria. This year  we have more developments to make these awards easy to enter, robustly assessed and hard won.


There are new categories, new criteria and a new system for entering to make it all much easier for you to provide all the information needed to be assessed.




Read more about the #insidestory awards 2017 here


Check out the past winners here


And see some of the case books we create from the shortlisted entries here.


#insidestory 2015 casebook

#insidestory awards internal communication






#insidestory 2016 casebook


#insidestory casebook 2016 internal communication






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