Ask the Guru – Put it to the panel

Here are some of the questions posted so far in advance of our Ask the Guru event on 29th May. How many do you identify with?

  1. How do you define where internal communications sits in relation to other departments? HR or Comms, or other?
  2. “Here’s a piece of copy – pop it on the intranet please….”  What? What do I do with a piece of writing that is full of typos, out of touch or worse off message – especially if it’s come from a senior manager?
  3. How do I get across the ‘heavy’ HR messages across in a way employees will listen and act upon them?
  4. I keep reminding people we need to be open to expect employees to be open with us and trust us. I feel like it’s an up-hill struggle at times. How can I manage this dilemma?
  5. How do I balance the expectations of the senior leadership with the expectations of the staff?
  6. We use surveys to measure results and opinions. What else can we use?
  7. How do I start to measure the ROI of internal communications?
  8. How do I juggle the strategy, the tactics, the expectations and execution of all that’s required of me and a very small team?
  9. How do I set clear boundaries for internal communications functions without upsetting stakeholders who have a history of ‘managing’ that communication channel? It’s very hard coming into an organisation balancing being efficient, helpful and professional while getting the results you know you can deliver.
  10. How do I find out what the company and managers ‘really’ need me to do, rather than what the ask me to do? The objectives rather than the tactics.


  1. How do you get employees to publish stories on the intranet, post on yammer, write an article for the newsletter without them feeling like they’re doing YOU a favour for doing it!

    How to show that yes, our job title includes ‘communication’, but no, that doesn’t mean we write every piece of communication within the business too!

  2. Thanks for sharing aussiedollars, good point too. Are there two ends of the spectrum? Those that you have to hold back or manage and those that just can’t be bothered or don’t see the value?

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