And the resounding answer was ‘yes’!

Thanks to everyone who gave their feedback in our recent survey asking whether you’d like to see a podcast from the CIPR Inside Committee.  We know there a number of podcasts already out there in the IC space so it’s really nice to hear that there’s still an appetite for more and that you’d like to hear from us.  We’re very excited to get planning!

You can see a snapshot of the results here: CIPR Inside Podcast Survey Results

So what did you tell us? 

In terms of frequency, most people said they’d like the podcasts to be monthly, although some said they’d be happy if it was as and when.

There was no one favoured format with people preferring a mix of podcast styles whether it’s a 1-1 interview, a group discussion or on the ground reporting.

While the usual voices and experts are still appreciated, people said that they’d also like to hear from ‘unsung heroes’ whether that’s people working in house, in the public sector, or people starting out in their careers.  They’d also like to hear from people outside our industry such as CEO’s and business leaders.

All in all we’ve got a lot of feedback to consider and start researching and planning the best approach. We’re aiming for our first podcast in October following the CIPR Inside conference so we can keep those conversations going. Watch this space!

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