Our Strategy

Our CIPR Inside strategy is all about making an IMPACT – see below on how we plan to do this:


WE PROMOTE BRILLIANCE: we seek out, reward and showcase the very best of Internal Comms. Organisations everywhere are inspired by our members’ impact as are the Internal Comms leaders of tomorrow.

  • Make the #insidestory awards the best in industry – the awards everyone wants to enter
  • Encourage members to raise standards for internal communicators everywhere through using CIPR skills guides and best practise guides
  • We will share award winners case studies at our annual conference to inspire others


WE MEASURE WHAT MATTERS: we develop and promote rock-solid measurement tools and methods, to convincingly demonstrate the ultimate business value of brilliant internal comms.

  • This year we will conduct our own research to determine how we should measure success for internal communicators
  • Align ourselves to the broader PR industry
  • Partner with experts in this field to share how-to information with members

Professional Development

WE HELP OUR MEMBERS FLOURISH: we support CIPR Inside members to develop and hone the skills they need to change their organisations’ fortunes for the better, raising the bar for our profession.

  • Support members to work towards CIPR qualifications and give them a variety of learning styles.
  • We will champion CPD and the Get Chartered message across our members


WE SHARE GENEROUSLY: we willingly share our knowledge, experience and expertise with fellow members

  • Create and share resources and reference materials regarding new Internal Comms techniques and approaches
  • Organise regular “Ask the Guru” events across the UK
  • Host webinars for those unable to get to networking events
  • Use a variety of platforms to engage with members

Changing behaviours 

WE CHANGE OUR WORK FOR THE BETTER: the work done by our members has a positive impact in the workplace

  • Utilise Award Entries and Case Studies to demonstrate how things change when communications is done right
  • Provide tools to help members manage and influence stakeholder relationships to change how businesses communicate
  • Give members more than opinion to help them manage upwards and influence leadership decisions


WE INSPIRE CONFIDENCE: our honesty, transparency and commitment to internal comms make us the trusted standard-bearers for our profession.

  • We are passionate about ethics and ensuring we all follow the code of conduct
  • We are part of the Chartered Body for PR and must uphold the standards or professionalism it represents
  • We would like to see as many members get chartered as possible