10 reasons to grab your ticket to the CIPR Inside conference

  1. The group have conducted research with CEOs about the value of internal comms – the findings will be shared and everyone will get a copy of the report in the goody bag. Isn’t it time we really understood how we can add value and what good looks like to our leaders?
  2. The whole day is interactive – not with technology but with discussions built into case studies, workshops and an unconference afternoon
  3. The unconference afternoon allows you to choose the topics and lead discussions – sharing insights from peers means you can get specific about the challenges you face, and get help to overcome them
  4. There is a workshop from experts about measurement – a challenge for many internal communicators – and a chance to explore how to do this well for you and your team
  5. Change communications is now a constant and we have a workshop dedicated to exploring how we do this and if we need to change our approach in the current climate
  6. Getting the channel mix right and proving ROI is tricky – you can spend an hour finding out how to do this for your organisation
  7. Understanding organisational culture and how to shape it is a big topic for internal comms for 2018 – take the time to understand models and get the tools you need to help you back in the office
  8. Proving your value as an internal communicator can be a challenge – so having dedicated time in the agenda to learn how to do this well was a must for this year
  9. Building a business case or getting buy in from the board can be tricky. We’ve enlisted the help of a negotiation trainer to bring his top tips across for us all to learn from
  10. You will leave with tangible toolkits and ideas to use in the office – this year is about you playing a role in the day to ensure you get exactly what you need from an investment of your time out of the office


Sure I’m bias as I’m the Chair of CIPR Inside but as I’m proof reading the report ahead of the final design next week I’m so proud of the work the team have done and how we are enabling the conversation to move on to help our profession.

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